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Atomizer Jetpack

Reboot your Taste Buds with 4 New Brews

Our new Atomizer variety Jetpack features 4 new brews including

Atomizer IPA - Since earth has become overrun with IPAs, we developed a high-tech, top-secret, hop-infusion method for this unfiltered, hoppy brew. A blend of pale and wheat malts, along with a healthy addition of oats, create a light golden base allowing Cryo Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Ekuanot hops to shine. Juicy aromas of tropical fruit, citrus, and melon pop in this ultra-balanced beer. 7% ABV, 70 IBUs

Atomizer Pale - Pale and light crystal malts, along with a small addition of toasted oats, add subtle complexity to this refreshing hop bomb. Bright notes of guava, papaya and citrus from Mosaic and Simcoe hops are enhanced by our high-tech, top-secret, hop-infusion method. This well-balanced Atomizer Pale Ale is ingeniously flavorful and super-drinkable. 6.6% ABV, 32 IBUs

Atomizer Amber – A hoppy version of our flagship Amber Ale. The proprietary Atomizer technology made it achievable by delivering a pure hop note to pair with the classic malt backdrop. The combination of subtle chocolate and caramel character with citrus-forward hops makes a compelling beer. This go-to, anytime beer is the best of all worlds - complex and interesting, not bitter, not sweet, and flat-out drinkable. 6% ABV, 31 IBUs

Atomizer Lager - An interesting concept – add tropical hop character to a light international lager. Using proprietary Atomizer technology, we did just that. Simcoe hops lend delicate citrus, tropical, and melon to this ultra-clean, super-drinkable lager delivering an increased aroma that makes Atomizer Lager stand out in a crowd. 4.9% ABV, 17 IBUs

4.9-7.0% ABV | 17-70 IBUs | Year Round
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