Full Sail

This full bodied IPA pours a rich golden-orange hue that glows like the late winter sun.

Every aspect of this IPA is amplified – from the upfront hop aroma and bitterness to the big malt body. Slipknot features a big NW hop aroma and robust bitterness balanced with a full malt body. Cascade, Nugget, Citra and Mosaic hops deliver pungent scents of citrus and pine. Extensive dry-hopping enhances this character with flavors to match. Northwest 2 Row Pale, and Crystal malts add a rich spicy malt character.

This three-time gold medal winner is available in 6-packs and draft from January to April.

Food Pairings: Dungeness crab, roasted salmon, clam chowder, curried foods, hot wings, braised red meats such as lamb and beef, gingerbread or spiced molasses cake, mild cheeses like gorgonzola or Monterey jack.

About the Brewmaster Reserve Series: Award winning? Heck yeah. Incredible ingredients? Definitely. Our Brewmaster Reserve series is small-batch, limited-edition beer made by brewers with an unwavering desire to make the best beer around using locally grown malt, hops, yeast and pure Mount Hood water. When we first made our Classic IPA back in the 90s, hardly anyone was making IPAs. A lot has changed since then, but we’re still on the craft-beer forefront constantly combining enthusiasm with expertise. With Brewmaster Reserve Slipknot IPA, we’ve added a Northwest influence and amplified everything, from the upfront hop aroma and bitterness to the big malt body. Full Sail’s Brewmaster Reserve – innovation, inspiration and Ridiculously Tasty Beer!

7% ABV | 80 IBUs | Seasonal
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Brewmaster Reserve

Full Sail

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