Bourbon Barrel
Wheatwine Ale 2016

Oak aromas of vanilla and caramel with notes of toffee, marmalade and dates.

As a brewer that believes deeply in environmental responsibility, we made the decision several years ago to invest in a mash filter. This investment saves over a million gallons of water a year and as a brewer there is nothing more sustainable than reducing our water use impact. Not only does it save lots of water but it also let's us brew some very tasty and unique beers like our Wheatwine.
We first brewed and released our Wheatwine Ale to celebrate our 27th anniversary back in 2014. It was so good, we decided to see what magic would happen when we barrel aged it.

Wheatwine is brewed with wheat and caramelized wheat malts and hopped with a blend of English and Northwest hops and left to age in Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels for 12 months. It pours a rich honey hue and opens up with complex oak aromas of vanilla and caramel blended nicely with notes of toffee, marmalade and dates. It finishes with a remarkable smoothness and a creamy mouth feel. Barrel aging rounds out this big beer by adding a rich tannic structure. Limited released in February it is available in 22oz bottles and draft.

Our Barrel Aged series allows us to put our creativity, innovation and passion into small, limited release beers. These craft brews celebrate the art of barrel aging, and explore the effects of time. Our Bourbon Beers, carefully aged in Bourbon casks, tempt our patience and grow smoother and even more interesting with time.

Food Pairings: Braised meats including Pot Roast and Coq au Vin. Bacon-wrapped dates and figs. Desserts such as Bread pudding, Lemon panna Cota and Beignets. Assorted cheeses in an array of flavors and textures. Buttery smooth, sharp, sweet and nutty, robust blue to earthy and herbal.

12% ABV | 42 IBUs | Seasonal
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