Session Premium Lager Cans

Now Even More Crisp & Refreshing

Try Session again for the first time! Introducing the first-ever update to our Session Premium Lager recipe. It’s the best Session yet - crisp, clean, and just right.

When Session Lager was first launched it was viewed by some as the start of the craft lager revolution. Flash forward to today, in that spirit of creativity and innovation, we have evolved Session to be even more crisp and refreshing. It's the best Re-Session ever!

Anyone who likes beer will like Session, it’s a beer that truly crosses boundaries, from blue collar to white, red state to blue, cocktail bar to barbecue. An extremely tasty American craft lager with plenty of flavor that goes down clean and smooth with a refreshing, crisp finish. American and European hops offer a wonderful noble hop aroma, and the two-row barley malt and pilsner malt along with our propriety yeast strain results in a bright, fresh taste profile that is extremely crisp, clean, and crushable.

Over the years, the Session brand has earned top honors at national and international competitions bringing home more than 125 medals including 70 golds. Session has truly earned itself a place at the bar, not to mention the barbecue.

Why just have a beer when you could have a Session?

Food Pairings: Grilled Seafood, Burgers or Steaks, Salads with vinaigrette, Grilled Vegetables, Alfredo or Light Pasta Dishes, Shellfish, Triple Cream Brie, Chevre, Mozzarella

Available in 16oz six pack cans and 12oz cans in handy 15-packs and also in 11 oz. stubby bottles in 12-packs and draft.

5.0% ABV | 18 IBUs | Year Round
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Session Premium Lager

Try Session again for the first time! Introducing the first-ever updat...

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