Session Premium Lager Cans

Yes, we can!

Session is synonymous with the stubby old-school bottle. So distinctive. So beloved. We love the stubby, too, that’s for sure. But sometimes we want to take our Session to places bottles just shouldn’t go. Places where dropping your beloved Session would cause instant loss and unspeakable grief. Places where bare feet are a way of life.

So we’re excited to offer Session Lager in aluminum cans. For those occasions and locations where you’d love to have a Session, just not in a glass bottle. Available in single serve 19.2 oz. cans and 12 oz. cans in 6-packs and handy 15-packs so there are even more to share with your friends. It’s the same Session on the inside. Just a new transport system on the outside. Hey, have a good Session!

Also available in 11 oz. bottles in 6-packs, 12-packs and in the Session Mashup variety pack and draft.

5.1% ABV | 18 IBUs | Year Round
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