Sesión Negra

Mexican Style Dark Lager

With its eye-popping packaging and crisp, easy-drinking vibe, Sesión Cerveza was en fuego the moment it hit the shelves. And as we all know, one good cerveza deserves another. So here it is: Sesión Cerveza Negra! It's the slightly darker cousin to Sesión Cerveza, with a toasty sweetness, copper color and the kind of malty aroma you expect from a Mexican lager. Saaz and Tradition hops provide complementary herbal and spice notes and a crisp finish. Like every Session, this one is brewed to go down easy and put a smile on your face. Hecha en Hood River. Enjoyed everywhere. ¡Saludos!

Available in 11 oz. bottles in 12-packs and draft September through February and in the winter Session Mashup Variety 12-pack.

5% ABV | 20 IBUs | Seasonal
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