Full Sail
8 Pound Pale

Fresh Hop Ale

Brewed with local freshly harvested hops, our new 8 Pound Pale is sure to be a hop lover’s delight! Every fall we look forward to brewing a fresh hop beer to celebrate the hop harvest. We use eight pounds of fresh hops per barrel to brew this beer, but it's absolutely worth it. There are distinct flavors and aromas that you can only get brewing with fresh hops. Brewed in small batches, this beer is only available during harvest.

Each hop variety reaches peak maturity at a different time during harvest, so each year’s brew is unique. This year's fresh-hop harvest yielded big, juicy Magnum hops which add a slight anise note and a fresh, green character to 8 Pound Pale Fresh Hop Ale. Opening with aromas of lemon and spice, 8 Pound Pale has a golden orange hue with a thick frothy head and a full malty body.

Available late September to October in 6-packs and on draft in limited quantities.

5.6% ABV | 54 IBUs | Seasonal
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